Management support

to develop employees and business operations

  • Reach new markets abroad by using the expertise of our international management team
  • Gather the export team around a unified strategy and implementation plan
  • Create follow-up and reporting models.


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Management support – nationally and internationally

The advantage of an external consultant - we can be involved in building your business while developing the individual and the organization to perform better. Without regard to internal policies or other operational commitments. We can strengthen just where the needs are greatest. We believe that long-term sustainable business development requires strategically thought-out choices and you can get great immediate implementation impact through resource enhancement in the form of external dedicated specialists.

We have in-house expertise and know-how in several management areas.
What are your areas of development?

Methods and tools

Our consultants are experts in various business models, preparations, business and market introduction, as well as business analysis and market support.

  • We provide the right individual with great experience of international success
  • Well proven methods and tools
  • Full responsibility for the project delivery
  • Business requirements are jointly developed by the consultant and your company
  • Together we identify the company’s potential in the chosen market
  • We lay the foundation for a successful export project
  • From thought to operational implementation
  • Coaching and mentorship by needs and wishes
  • We assist with evaluation, support and actions
  • We take your business to the next level
  • We can maintain business relations with new customers or prospects
  • Support to implement an operational organisation


Operational support

Local presence and international expertise is the foundation for foreign establishment and investment. Gravity´s network gives each customer the opportunity to be represented locally, regionally and internationally. All of our consultants join the network Swedexport Organisation Worldwide. We provide the following:

  • A consultant network to implement the initiative.
  • Experts with appropriate regional and national awareness.
  • Experience and knowledge in international trade.
  • Methods and tools for international expansion.

Contact us today and we can tell you more about our network and international expertise!

We recommend

We recommend the following literature for studies in the field of international trade.

Customer challenges today or tomorrow

A major challenge for our customers today is to find operational and strategic market expertise to implement efforts on new markets abroad.

Or develop an existing market that does not deliver as planned.The culture and language is always a challenge, but there are more challenges.

  • Lack of funding for export ventures
  • Difficulties in identifying business opportunities
  • Limited information about markets
  • Inability to reach potential customers
  • Difficulty finding reliable representatives
  • Lack of time for export management
  • Insufficient export staffing
  • Lack of official support in the home country
  • Short time for preparation
  • Lack of network
  • Unclear strategies
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Long lead time


Above mentioned some of the challenges for export companies. What are your challenges?
Your company always gets tailor made solutions to your needs and wishes. The advantage of hiring a consultant - we see what really works or not in the business and we build your skills while we hands-on create and develop your international business.

"We turn challenges into success and create momentum in the organization"

When to hire us?

Swedexport is hired by companies that want to develop their export business. By implementing the entire business chain from business and market preparation, market introduction and implementation, as well as analysis and follow-up abroad, we make sure that your succeed. Contact us when you need to provide operational and strategic resources in the business. To reach longer than you can manage yourself.

Below are some examples of services from Swedexport:

  • Business and market introduction
  • Business analysis and market support
  • Partner and client search
  • Mapping and establishment of distribution channels
  • Establishment of export sales organization
  • Implementation and follow-up of market introduction
  • Negotiations with customers and / or partners
  • Support services needed for customer support
  • Market expansion through acquisitions
  • Interim solution as export manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is unique about Gravity Export Development?
We offer specialists in the form of experienced consultants in international trade, we have our own developed working method and an international management team. Above all, we go from word to action!

What services in detail does the company provide?
We can provide the following services.

  • Business and market analysis
  • Development of business strategies and methods
  • Partner / Agent / Distributor Search
  • Market establishment / introduction
  • Market expansion through acquisitions
  • Development of existing export channels
  • Business negotiations with a customer or partner
  • Establishment of an organization for export sales
  • Support services needed for customer support
  • Interim solution as export manager


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