• Market development
    Successful establishments around the world


    Reach new markets abroad by using the
    expertise of our international management team.

Market development based on an holistic perspective!

We create business opportunities for export through our solid skills and long experience of international business. Swedexport offers export developers with experience from different markets. Our international network and management team also have a broad know-how in different management areas, mainly within the business-creating interfaces. And we always work with a holistic perspective!

We perform

  • Business and market development
  • Strategy and business development
  • Analysis and benchmarking
  • Head and management support
  • Sales development and marketing
  • Digital tools and sales channels
  • Effective web pages and business communication

A successful export investment

  • At least one significant business value / business relationship
  • A number of prospects for business cooperation
  • Clear business processes and structures
  • Methods and tools for the future
  • International team for the right support
  • Coaching and mentor support by experienced experts
  • "Tailor made solutions as needed"

Market establishment – the process in 3 steps!


Information and start-up meeting

  • Start-up meeting to determine the needs and wants
  • Determining the project's goals and resources
  • Determination of significant business value
  • We define the preconditions for a successful export management



I Market preparation

  • The assumptions and basics are stated
  • Objective analysis, strategic choices, action plan
  • Close collaboration between consultant and your company
  • Identification of company potential in selected market
  • Action options for successful export efforts



II Marketing and market management

  • Market implementation based on selected methods
  • Systematic and structured project
  • Implementation based on solid international experience
  •  “Hands-on” support for analysis, implementation, etc.
  • Coaching and mentoring by needs and wishes


S Final reconciliation and evaluation

  • Final reporting and handover
  • Project Reconciliation and Evaluation
  • Discussion on future development areas



III Business analysis and marketing support

  • Market evaluation, support and measures
  • Maintain business relationships with new customers / prospects
  • Methods for developing existing business relationships
  • We develop your business to the next level
  • Support for implementation of management organization

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