Do you see the need for development in new or existing markets
- We do it quickly and efficiently!


Export Developers who create results!

Swedexport is a number of senior export developers who go from words to action, ie. we create actual business values and results for our customers. We make it difficult easier and transfer our expertise to your employees during operational projects.
We are talented, enterprising and skilled individuals who are passionate about business development, export and internationalization. In common, we have solid experience from around 50 international markets that include many different industries. Although we are new to the market, we together have a total of about 200 years of international expertise. Welcome to Swedexport!


“We add energy, drive and achievements”

International business development
- with a holistic perspective


We cooperate with all levels in the affected parts of the company when investing abroad.

• We run the assignments as clear business projects
• We work closely with management
• We are happy to anchor the assignments with the board
• We involve, engage and connect the whole perspective
• We run the projects together with your employees to achieve the highest impact

Our working method is well proven in effective international business development.

We create this with the driving force, experience and structure for internationalization.
We work with a clear and elaborate working methodology for implementation, we are involved in support during business meetings, we work with analyzes and strategic choices etc.

Most projects usually also include coaching and mentoring for individuals involved.
It is very much appreciated!

What do we do?

Our focus is on business development of export and internationalization. This may involve new initiatives against a selected market, but also the take-up or dismantling of previous business channels that are replaced by new, more suitable business partners.
We are hired from everything from small to large companies. Our employees have experience of operational and strategic work in most industries to create new business in international markets.

Who we are?

We call ourselves export developers or international business consultants. But regardless of the term - we take you from words to action - by offering operational and strategic support during your export venture. With great dedication, energy and many years of experience, we enter our projects with enthusiasm. And we think it is just as exciting every time.

Our network

We monitor and network with a number of actors to keep abreast of changes and developments in the export area. In some cases they become our partners in our customer projects.

Various Chambers of Commerce, Consulates, Embassies, Business Sweden, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, the Export Credit Committee, industry associations, Universities, Almi, Swedfund to name a few of them.

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