Do you want to invest in a completely new market?

Do you, like most companies, want to enter one or more new markets? Our advice is: Do your homework first. Proper. What you have developed and succeeded with in Sweden may have taken 5-10 years to reach where you are now. Don't expect that you can take that thought and concept and implement it in another market and see simple successes.

What we can and know right into the spinal cord about how it works in Sweden, usually looks quite different in other markets. We usually come from a rather small market towards what we want to invest in on exports, there are often completely different rules of the game and business models there. We just need to go to our neighboring countries so we notice the difference. We hear many companies reasoning like this: "Denmark, Norway or Finland are a bit difficult markets, let's invest in Germany or the US, there are great opportunities!"

There are completely different challenges that one needs to understand and manage to succeed.

Swedexport's consultants have worked for maybe 20-30 years internationally, been involved and made many mistakes, built up subsidiaries, maybe closed them a few years later. Employed CEOs for subsidiaries, had to replace them with new people maybe 2 or 3 times before it gets right. Tied up distributors and retailers who have not met the targets or even done what we expected them to do. Just because we had not agreed on how the business would be run and developed in the long term. That is how lessons have arisen, which means that with our experience we can avoid such mistakes today.

Here Swedexport can make a big difference for you. We reach longer, we get better results and we do it in less time than it usually does with your own resources.
How can we do it? Well because we only have one thing to deliver, business benefit to your selected market. We do this with great experience, skill and network. We do not have to answer a lot of questions from existing customers, nor take into account internal politics. We are there to create new business results. That is how we are valued. Every day when we go home. Have we created the values ​​that the customer expects from us?

This is what gives us new assignments and new clients. Because they are happy with what we deliver.


Do you need to develop an existing market?

We know from experience, which is also supported in various surveys, that a majority of the markets that Swedish companies are investing in, do not give the outcome that they had hoped for.

This can be due to many different factors. But if you look at them afterwards, there are clear reasons why it has not succeeded.

The reason is that the preparatory work has often been substandard, the plans are perhaps vague, or what is most common is that "some opportunity pops up" and you take the opportunity in flight and assume that it is like doing business at home, that it usually goes Good. We call it "business by occasion". The odds are usually not so high.

Success with international business requires much more preparatory work and planning, you need to know the conditions that exist in the local arena, you need to understand the cultural differences and business patterns that often differ as considerably from the Swedish market. You need to be persistent and maybe have the right contacts.

Here Swedexport comes in with its experience and network and can help to quickly and efficiently lay the foundation for long-term development.



Digitization and new sales channels

Today's customers make great demands and expect many times to find information, get help or be able to shop for various goods online. Expectations will increase over time.

Swedexport helps you develop a digital business strategy, choose or recommend different digital tools and develop new sales channels online. These can complement the existing channels that you already have or replace them.

We have extensive experience and expertise in the field. It may be your website's design and content, which may apply to a web shop. But it can also include making your website searchable and found by customers all over the host.

We also have the skills and resources to launch goods and services all over the world, both in terms of physical but also digital arenas for that. Contact us to find out more.




Market development based on a holistic perspective!

We create business opportunities for export through our solid expertise and long experience of international business. Swedexport offers export developers with experience from different markets. Our international network and management team also have a broad know-how in various management areas, primarily within the business-creating interfaces. And we do everything from a holistic perspective!


 Export development - a well proven methodology in 8 steps

We take you all the way from thoughts and ambitions to form a clear project with clear goals and deliverables. We anchor with appropriate internal decision makers and influencers.

Then our joint work begins. We do it in workshop form initially, and we work through all internal issues, handle question marks, clarify the strategic goals and which business model is appropriate for the selected market. We then go into an investigation and analysis phase. Which market/s are most suitable, what opportunities and challenges awaits us there. What does the potential look like and are they alligned with our goals?

Throughout the project, your employees are well engaged and involved in the project, which ultimately will lead to more business and revenue. It is essential that employees participate and shape and take over the operational responsibility with the partners that become the company's resources in the local market.

We support all along the way in the selection process, proposing and negotiating with potential partners all the way up to the start-up and the design model. This is where we really make a difference!

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