We create results - in successful projects

  • We create at least one significant business value / business relationship
  • Several prospects for business cooperation
  • Clear business processes and structures
  • Methods and tools for the future
  • International team for the right support
  • Coaching and mentoring by experienced experts


"Customized solutions to your needs"

Management support


Our consultants offer you management and management support. The advantage of an external consultant - we can participate in building your business while at the same time developing the individual and the organization to perform better.
Without regard to internal policy or other operational commitments. We can strengthen just where the needs are greatest. We believe that long-term sustainable business development requires strategically thought-out choices and you can have a great immediate effect through resource reinforcement in the form of external dedicated specialists.

We have great know-how within most management areas.





Coaching and mentorship

To develop and support employees and managers
  • Bringing in external expertise provides broad vision and experience from many other businesses
  • We teach at the same time as we do
  • We coach and support the people who will then be responsible for the business
  • We work with models and formats that you can use also in other areas
  • We are ballpark for the management
  • We provide strategic advice in relevant areas, even if they are beyond the scope of the project

Methods and tools

Our consultants are experts in the entire business chain from thoughts and visions to final negotiations and maintaining long-term business relationships.
Some of what is part of a project is:

  • Well-proven methods and tools
  • The assurance that we take total responsibility for project delivery
  • Business conditions are developed jointly by consultant and your company
  • Together, we identify the company's potential in the chosen market
  • We lay the foundation for a successful export venture
  • From thought to operational implementation
  • We assist with evaluation, support and efforts
  • We switch up your bet to the next level
  • We can maintain business relationships with new customers / prospects
  • We provide support for, e.g implementing a management organization




Operational support

Local knowledge and international expertise are the basis for export and establishment initiatives. Swedexport's consultants have access to large international networks.

  • Experts with regional and national knowledge
  • Experience and knowledge from a variety of international activities
  • Large international network
  • Methods and tools for foreign establishments

Contact us today and we can tell you more about our network and international expertise!

Business Challenges

A major challenge for our customers today is to find operational and strategic market expertise to implement efforts on new markets abroad.

Or develop an existing market that does not deliver as planned.The culture and language is always a challenge, but there are more challenges.

  • Difficult to identify the right business opportunities
  • Limited access to information on interesting markets
  • Difficult to find their unique benefits in a foreign market
  • Pressure on individuals to be both operational and strategic
  • Difficult to find reliable business partners
  • Lack of international networks
  • Inability to reach potential customers
  • Lack of time at management
  • Difficult to release personnel / resources internally
  • Difficult with internal priorities
  • Short time for preparation
  • Unclear business strategies
  • Lack of good knowledge
  • Long lead times
  • Lack of endurance


These are some of the challenges facing the export companies. What are your challenges?

Your company always gets a tailor-made solution entirely based on your needs and wishes.
We know what really works in practice and we build your expertise while we hands-on create and develop your international business.


"We turn challenges into success"

When to hire us?

Swedexport is hired by companies that want to develop their export business. By implementing the entire business chain from business and market preparation, market introduction and implementation, as well as analyzes and follow-up, we ensure that you succeed with your investment. Contact us when you need to add operational and strategic resources to the business.

When you need to achieve new business results quickly and efficiently.

Below are some examples of services from Swedexport:

  • business strategies and clarity in business goals and implementation plans
  • action plans and revitalization of ongoing business partnerships
  • business analysis and action plans
  • partner and client search
  • negotiation with customer and / or partner
  • start-up of business partnerships
  • establishment of internal management organization
  • agreements and effective cooperation models

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is unique about Swedexport?

Answer: We offer specialists in the form of experienced consultants in international business development, we have our own developed working methodology and an international management team. We go from word to action!

What services in detail does Swedexport provide?

Answer: Swedexport offers, for example, the following services both in Sweden and abroad.

  • Business and market analysis
  • Development of business strategies and methods
  • Partner / agent / distributor search
  • Market establishment / introduction
  • Market expansion through acquisitions
  • Development of existing export channels
  • Business negotiations with customer or partner
  • Establishment of management organization
  • Digital business strategy and complementary sales channels

Question: Do you only provide business proposals and plans?

Answer: No, we take it all the way from plans and goals to concrete business partnerships. Here we are quite unique. We are involved all the way to customer visits, business negotiations, collaborative proposals and not least the important long-term cooperation plans.

Question: Does Swedexport guarantee that we achieve results in a project?

Answer: We have a unique customer guarantee with promise of concrete deliveries in each project

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